YouTube Details Available Video from Egypt

Olivia Ma of YouTube News and Politics detailed coverage of the crisis in Egypt that is accessible via the Google-owned video site in a post on the YouTube Blog:

We understand how closely the world is following these events, and we want to help people access and share this information quickly and easily on YouTube. We’re helping people do this in three ways:

Highlighting the latest footage on CitizenTube, our news and politics channel, and inviting people to submit video they’ve come across.

Pointing our users directly to these videos through banners at the top of YouTube pages, and through links alongside YouTube videos.

Streaming live coverage of Al Jazeera’s broadcasts about the unfolding events, on both its Arabic and English YouTube channels.

And our Google colleagues have also turned on a speak-to-Tweet service to help people in Egypt stay connected at this difficult time.

YouTube has used similar tools and live streaming technologies in the past to give our users access to information on major world news events, such as the Haiti earthquake and the protests in Iran. We hope this footage provides a unique window into the events unfolding in the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and many other cities across Egypt.