Yahoos Staying Put for Now

Yahoo_HQ.jpgFortune is reporting that despite Microsoft’s decision to withdraw its $47.5 billion buyout bid for Yahoo – and the subsequent 20% drop in the Internet company’s stock price on Monday – many Yahoo employees say not much has changed for them; they also say they plan on staying put, at least for now.

Several anonymous employees told the magazine that they have no plans to leave. Meanwhile, Boris Epstein, CEO of headhunter firm Binc, said in the article he’s made a big push to recruit Yahoo engineers this week, but that most of the people he’s talked to aren’t budging.

“Many of them are telling me, ‘no way, I’m not going anywhere right now,’ ” Epstein said. “Some people are going to want to stay put until something shakes out—if Microsoft makes another move there could be severance or retention packages to look forward to.” Some employees said that they feel more loyal to the company, post-Microhoo.