Yahoo Video Guide Helps Users Find Content to Stream on Mobile

The app shows users where they can stream movies and television shows across multiple apps.

Yahoo has launched its latest app, Yahoo Video Guide, on iOS and Android. The app serves as a search engine for movies and television shows, with the goal of helping users find and stream content across multiple services, without the need to search for content on each platform individually.

The app allows users to select the services they’d like to browse, from Netflix and Hulu to YouTube and Crackle (among others), and provides users with a feed of featured content based on their selections.

Users can search for specific television shows and movies, with each item having its own page providing more information about the show or film. Each item is listed alongside its available streaming or digital purchase options, and when users find something they’d like to watch or buy, the app will connect them to the appropriate app or store to continue.

In addition, Yahoo Video Guide offers a ‘Mood Picker,’ which allows users to search for shows or movies based on themes including ‘thrilling,’ ‘happy’ and ‘emotional,’ among others. Users can select multiple themes to browse more options at once.

In a blog post, Robby Stein, senior director of product management at Yahoo, said:

As your favorite movies and TV shows continue to migrate from the cable box and into a variety of streaming services, it’s becoming increasingly painful to actually find and watch them. That’s why we built Yahoo Video Guide—it’s our first step in bringing you an easier, faster way to find and stream your favorite movies and TV shows in the cord-cutting age.

Yahoo Video Guide is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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