WSJ Tablet Edition App for Android Now Available

Users of Android tablets can now take a walk down Wall Street, as The Wall Street Journal announced the release of its Wall Street Journal Tablet Edition app for that platform.

The app is available free-of-charge via the Android Market, and full digital subscriptions at $3.99 per week include access to WSJ Tablet Edition app for Android, WSJ Tablet Edition app for iPad (pictured),, and WSJ Mobile Reader for BlackBerry and iPhone.

WSJ Tablet Edition app for Android will include all Journal content, full-screen video, market data, customizable features, and the ability to save articles for later or offline reading. It downloads each day’s content automatically every morning.

The Wall Street Journal Digital Network chief product officer Daniel Bernard said:

Our strategy is to serve readers whenever, wherever, and it’s critical that the Journal‘s unparalleled news and analysis are available in a high-quality format across multiple devices and platforms. The WSJ Tablet Edition for Android continues to blend the best of print and online with an experience that showcases our strength of innovation and original delivery of content.