Twitter-Powered Rainbow Flag To Wave Over World Pride Festivities

Twitter-Powered Rainbow Flag To Wave Over World Pride Festivities

The Toronto PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) organization has installed a Twitter-powered flag to oversee the 2014 World Pride festivities.

Positive and negative tweets make the flag raise up and lower down in real-time. Co-inventor Braeden Laverty explained that the group worked out the algorithm to determine which tweets were negative and which were positive, in order to highlight how the public’s spirit affects the flag.

According to the website:

“The objective of this art installation piece is to get all our supportive and open-minded allies in Toronto, Canada, and the world to band together and help fly the flag high, as it should, for the duration of World Pride 2014.”

World Pride supporters can visit the website to view a virtual version of the flag, and watch as it raises and lowers in response to real-time tweets.

People are encouraged to use the hashtag #RaiseThePride to keep the flag up.

President of Toronto PFLAG, Anne Creighton, explains how Twitter can be a positive force during World Pride:

“It’s really a energizing, positive thing. So to have this flag give us an opportunity to express that, through social media, is a terrific opportunity.”

The flag is visible on the roof of The Churchmouse in Toronto, on the corner of Church and Maitland.