Will the Yahoo!/ABC News Partnership Change Your Media Strategy?

ABC News brought out the big guns this morning — Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, George Stephanopoulos, and more — to announce an enhanced partnership between ABC News and Yahoo! on Good Morning America. According to the press release, ABC News and Yahoo! News editorial teams will be working together to create “premium content” and cover big news events; there will be new original Web series, including “Newsmakers,” which launches today with an interview between President Obama and Stephanopoulos at 2:35 ET; and Good Morning America now has a co-branded website.

It’s been noted already across the media that Yahoo! and ABC News partnered more than a decade ago, but the partnership was dubbed “brand new” during the announcement this morning. Yahoo News has more unique visitors than any other website, The New York Times says.

So will this new partnership change your outreach to ABC News? More broadly, has there been any media partnership that has significantly altered your media strategy?

We just want to point out that PRNewser made an attempt to attend the announcement event this morning, the big word there being “attempt.” After trying three doors around the GMA studio and walking through a crowd that had gathered to snap pictures of a DeLorean (that had a woman and what looked like a Pomeranian in it), we stood with a crowd in front of a Yahoo! sign by a side door. It was only after about seven minutes that I realized this crowd was waiting for Steve Martin and Jack Black to exit and the announcement had been made.

Lesson for event hosts: Be sure to clearly post location markers for your press conferences and gatherings. It’s a small thing that makes a world of difference.

[image via TVNewser]

*Bonus: TVNewser has an analysis of what the partnership could mean in the short-term and the long run. Click here for more.