Will Social Networks Define Who We Are?

Erick Schonfeld over at TechCrunch today is reporting that Russian investor Finam has backed social media firm Badoo to the tune of $30m and 10% controlling share of the company. For those of you who don’t Badoo is a social network where people can pay to be popular. Most of the networks 12.7 million users come from Europe and Latin America.

This news comes in conjunction with MySpace launching a Russian version last week. As more and more social networks begin to cross international lines will how we group our social patterns will become very telling? I am also interested in seeing the geo/ethnic deployment of many of these social networks.

I mention ethnic deployments because I find it interesting that most new media social networks build their user base on traditional pre-existing social networks. When I lived in Mexico all my Mexican friends were on Hi5. When I attended college all my friends were on Facebook and when I got my first job everyone hounded me until I joined Linkedin. Heck, all my old Navy buds and I in a ‘Navy only‘ social network.

As social networks become more entrenched in our everyday lives will we see them segment into more standardized forms of social groupings? Will we someday say, ‘oh… your in that social network?’ Will we begin to group people by social network even when we are off line, ‘hi my name is Anthony and I am member of…’

Do any of you out there think that our online social persona will be a mandatory modifier of our psychical social persona?