Who Are the Most Social Publishers in 2015? (Infographic)

Bigger publishers seem to do well on big networks like Facebook and Twitter, there is still space for smaller, up-and-coming publishers on emerging platforms like Vine and Snapchat.

Social networks are an incredibly important mediums for broadcasting. More social media users are turning to their networks for news year after year. Networks that are focused on news are exploring new technology to increase their potential, such as Twitter with Periscope. New data from Buzzstream and Fractl show which publishers are adapting best to a changing social network environment.

When it comes to the biggest social networks — Facebook and Twitter — many established publishers, such as MTV, CNN, and the BBC have millions of followers, while other new media publishers like The Next Web and io9 hold less than one-million each. The gap between top and bottom is even more pronounced on Twitter than on Facebook.

Despite being such a large network, YouTube doesn’t hold as much attention as the others. Only IGN and Vice have more than five-million followers. Similarly, only Gizmodo commands more than five-million followers on Instagram.

Moving into the mid-tier networks, like Pinterest and LinkedIn, news readership seems to drop off rapidly aside from one or two key publications. The Wall Street Journal has 5.2 million followers on LinkedIn, but no other publication surpasses 600,000 followers.

One way smaller publications can catch up, or capture a specific niche, is by becoming early adopters of new technology. Several big names, such as CNN, Yahoo, and The Daily Mail, are establishing a presence on Snapchat. Smaller publications can also attempt to expand their reach by reaching out on smaller networks, like The Next Web is doing on Vine.

Perhaps the most important factors when posting content, especially on specialist networks are quantity of content and quality of content. To see which publishers have stuck the best balance, view the infographic below.


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