When is a Facebook Really a MySpace?

A friend of mine asked me for some help on Facebook. He couldn’t figure out who his secret crush was. Even after installing the application and inviting the requisite number of friends to continue, he still couldn’t find his answer. He franticly wanted to know.

Spammy Facebook AppI checked it out, and, as I suspected, there was in fact nobody with a crush on my friend. Instead, there was a spammy application that was able to trick him into entering some personal information.

No huge deal… right?

Well… the application (who’s URL ends in “my-secret-crush”) has a revolting 46,000 daily active users, and roughly 1.5 million installs.

I really enjoyed the fact that Facebook was not the heap of network marketing that MySpace turned out to be, and I really hope that this doesn’t become a problem.

Where are the Facebook police when you really need them?

– Jonathan Kleiman runs a law blog called LegalIntellects.com