When Facebook and Corporations Join Forces

I’ve been thinking more about the topic of transparency in companies recently, and I think Facebook can be the site to help spread transparency through corporate America. As I discussed on my personal blog, companies are going to have to become more transparent if they are going to become successful at recruiting the generation that has grown up on social networks. This is where Facebook comes in. Transparency in corporations can be successfully executed by encouraging employees to join sites like Facebook.

Imagine it being your senior year in college and you are trying to determine what company to go work for. Rather than simply asking your peers, family, and professors, you decide to go on Facebook and see who works at companies that you are potentially interested in. Just like when you were trying to figure out what colleges to attend and could interview students, now you have the opportunity to interview employees of companies that you would like to work for. Transparency will bring about a revolution in the workplace and those companies that are quickest to adopt to the changing environment will be most successful at recruiting. There are no ifs about it. The majority of college graduates being recruited are now on Facebook. Why not target them where they already spend their time? Additionally, rather than having one recruiter go out and directly contact employees, you need to have your entire company on Facebook to interact with potential new hires. This is the new world of transparency and it is about time that the corporate world adapts to this new environment. So hurry up and go get your entire company on the band wagon before they are left behind! Be your company’s Facebook (or social network) evangelist!