Weekly Dose Of WTF – Dogs & Cats & Dogs & Cats

This week we bring you an amazing stop motion beatbox made up entirely of the names of animals, Predator the musical, a crazy invention and a woman whose life was saved by...her weave?!

WTF Wednesday is here again and we’ve got a great selection of videos for you that are slightly off-kilter and just a little bizarre, from an amazing stop motion beatbox made up entirely of the names of animals to a Predator musical, a crazy invention and a woman whose life was saved by…her weave?! Check them all out below and, as always, prepare to be WTF-ified!

ANIMAL BEATBOX – Tropfest 2011 Winner

We’ll start with a video that is one of the most amazing (and strange) things I’ve seen in awhile. This stop movgtion animation is set to a beatbox created entirely from the names of animals, starting with “dogs and cats and dogs and cats”. This video, directed by Damon Gameau, was the winner at Tropfest Australia 2011.

Tama Zoo Drill (Escaped Tiger)

Keeping with the animal theme, here’s a video of the staff at Tokyo’s Tama Zoo running an escaped tiger drill. This is a pretty serious activity, but it’s hard to take it seriously with a guy running around in a tiger suit!

Predator: The Musical

“Arnold Schwarzenegger” and friends sing in this video of Predator, musical-style. “It’s using the trees; Watching and waiting, killing us off one by one…” Predator and musicals are definitely a WTF combo.

5 year old needs a job before getting married

Okay, this is cute, but where the freak did this five year old learn about marriage and jobs and women in the workplace and how did she develop these deep seeded beliefs already? But WTF aside, you go girl! This girl is gonna grow up to be one powerful woman!

Woman’s Weave Stops Bullet

If the previous videos haven’t made you turn your head to one side, raise your eyebrow and say “WTF?!” then this one surely will. This woman was shot in the head, but the bullet didn’t manage to penetrate. Why? Her weave caught it before it could enter her head. Wowsa.

JakPak Demo

This jacket becomes its own sleeping bag and tent. It looks totally ridiculous and seems completely useless, until the video gets to the end and you see what it’s really for. Men, if your woman is putting you in the doghouse a lot then you better invest in a JakPak!

Hilarious Justin Bieber interview with James Corden

Finally, this Justin Bieber interview with James Corden is completely WTF-ifying! Did he really just say, “You smell amazing. How old are you?” Inappropriate much?