Weekly Blog Highlights: YouTube Gets Into the Limelight, Again

youtubeIt has been a busy week for YouTube with several news coverage reporting various changes on the number 1 video uploading site. These changes include the muting options for uploaded videos, YouTube TV Channel for game consoles, YouTube Channel for the U.S. Senate and House of Reps, and the most recent video download option. With Google still struggling to make big bucks out of the popularity of YouTube it is but logical that YouTube tries to enhance its services some more and avoid pitfalls that would otherwise turn YouTube users to its rival sites. Here’s a recap of some of the most exciting things that happen in YouTube this week.

Implementing Copyright Protection Policy on YouTube videos

It’s a known fact that the major reason which catapulted YouTube to where it is right now is the numerous originally-created video content uploaded by users worldwide. YouTube has become the premiere video-sharing site which connects distant people through a lively communication media. This originally-created video contents varies from self-made MTVs, photo slideshows and even self-shot greetings. So, what’s the problem? These videos often feature background music which are used by video owners without permission to the copyright owners. And this could pose a problem to YouTube if music owners go after them. The solution, indentify those video contents with unauthorized background music and mute each one of them. Certainly, YouTube users were not happy, and an outrage ensues. But YouTube can’t do anything about this, since it is a necessary step to ensure that no legal case will be filed against them which might lose its mother company, Google some big bucks in settlement. And Google doesn’t want that to happen especially since they have been trying to find ways of generating revenues for YouTube. Will this prompt YouTube users to seek the comforts of YouTube’s rival for their video uploading activities? That would be interesting to find out.

YouTube on Your TV via Game Consoles

If you’ve been longing to watch YouTube videos right on your wide-screen Plasma TVs and LCDs, you can now do so for as long as you have a Playstation 3 or a Nintendo Wii console. YouTube has rolled out a TV Channel which sits right on the two consoles browsers, complete with navigation controls for remote navigation. This is a start of something bigger, something that would hopefully allow YouTube video viewing without the need for those two consoles. And we’re excited to have that feature soon.

YouTube Gets Political and Socially Relevant

Another feature which hit the headlines this week re YouTube is the launch of the YouTube Channel for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. The channel serves as a portal for the video messages, video communication paraphernalia of the U.S. Senators and Congressmen. This is a good way of reaching out to their constituents as well as to the whole world. This only goes to show how YouTube could be a useful resource for more matured and socially-relevant activities.

Download YouTube Video

Although not yet officially announced, some YouTube users noticed a new link that appeared below the video player on YouTube. The link says -> “Click to Download”. And yes, you guess it right, you can now download some YouTube videos in MP4 format to your PC. We cannot ascertain yet the conditions for videos to have that link. So, we will have to wait for official announcement from YouTube if there will be any. In the meantime check out some of your favorite videos in YouTube to see if the link is already displayed.

There you go, four new things that happened on YouTube this week. With all these new features and enhancements, we still can’t help but wonder, like Google probably, how this will bring in revenue to YouTube. More specifically how Google can fully monetize the substantial site traffic that YouTube has been getting since it became a big hit.