WagEd Launches Premium Twitter Tool


Twendz Pro, Waggener Edstrom’s (WE) premium edition of their free Twitter analytics tool went live this morning with three price tiers available: $150 per month for unsupported DIY access, $350 for some hands-on training and analyst consultation, and a custom version for big brands who want to develop an ongoing listening and response program.

Free Twendz launched last spring, and Pro comes a week after competing megafirm Edelman announced their TweetLevel offering.

Twendz Pro focuses on the dialogue over a given period of time, revealing top influencers–positive and negative–and allows for retweet and response from inside the program. WE’s SVP of Product Development Karla Wachter ran us through the demo last night with the generic term “wind power” to show graphs of frequency, reach, influence, and emotion. Wachter stressed throughout the interview that the goal was to offer clients measurement that can be tied to business outcomes. WE currently has a team of about 40 people who specialize in this area.

All three tiers of service provide five separate dashboards. One useful feature is the Top Links box which reveals the most shared destinations on a given topic, regardless of which link shortener was used.

The middle tier Pro account looks especially attractive for companies who already have social monitoring people on staff with the savvy and foresight to pay attention to “faint signals” before a Tweet-storm. The intelligence can be used to chart the arch of a message or find where it inflected, justify a campaign, or to identify brandjacking and crises. This clearly has potential for political candidates preparing campaign messages that need to be highlighted or adjusted on the fly.

Like all data fed back to messaging work, it’s only as good as the people who set it up and manage the response strategy. Choosing which keywords to load in to each dashboard is the critical starting point.

Wachter also told us WE would develop similar tools for other social networks as they rise to prominence. No word yet on which WE clients have signed on for the full-tilt package with analyst guidance though we suspect WE’s Studio D digital division to be the best launching pad for sales.

WE’s demo video is embedded after the jump: