VIVmag Looks to Team Up with Lifestyle Bloggers

All-digital women’s lifestyle magazine VIVmag is seeking “mutually beneficial growth opportunities” with lifestyle bloggers, announcing the launch of its VIVmaven Network affiliate network, which is aimed at generating exposure and page views for both the bloggers and VIVmag.

VIVmaven Network affiliates who have already signed up include Barbara Crooks (The B.C. Chronicles), K. Tyson Perez (UNVOGUE), and Karen Regn (FitWanderer), and the digital magazine’s goal is to attract 100 bloggers by year-end.

Participating bloggers will receive; prelaunch access to VIVmag issues; listings and promotional opportunities on the VIVmag site; help with customizable offers and promotions; and shares of revenue from VIVmag memberships purchased via their sites.

Global executive vice president and chief marketing officer Jeanniey Mullen said:

The time is right for us to extend our wings and embrace strategic partnerships with influential bloggers and with their communities, to invite the women of the world to share in one unified conversation. VIVmag’s passion for inspiring and motivating women to live a balanced, engaging, and healthy lifestyle is at the heart of our mission. We are thrilled to see so many others out there who share our same beliefs.

VP of marketing Adrienne Wallace added:

VIVmag has established itself as a pioneer brand in the digital publishing space. This is a wonderful opportunity to extend VIVmag’s brand reach and reader interaction through social media by leveraging the best players in the blogosphere. These are extraordinary, engaged, and digitally adept people who share a commitment to VIVmag’s seven core values: fashion, beauty, travel, health, awareness, fitness, and wellness.