Virgin Mobile's Fund My Phone goes to Facebook

With the current state of the economy, mobile charges have been a burden to many but they can’t just forego this necessity just because of rising mobile cost. It’s a good thing that some geeks and programmers have continously graced the web with nifty applications that aids individuals with every possible aspects of their lives.


Virgin Mobile’s Fund my Phone is one of these innovation, and fortunately Virgin Mobile is bringing the application to one of the most popular social network in the world. Fund My Phone has gone to the Facebook world. Fund My Phone has a noble purpose – that of helping individual mobile phone users to raise fund which they can use in their mobile activities.

And by porting this application to the Facebook, it opens up the flood gates to possible donors who will answer you mobile phone needs. Users earn points just by tapping into their friends networks.

To start soliciting your friends to fund your mobile expenses, just install the application by logging in to your Facebook account. With just few clicks, you can have access to their Facebook account. Then you can start doing your social network chores.

Incidentally, for every four friends who each watch a minute of advertising on the app, the user will get a minute of free airtime.