Viral Video Law #12: Love Is In The Air

YouTube ProposalIt’s that time of year again, where wedding bells are ringing, boys and girls have butterflies in their stomachs and the sweet stench of love is filling the air. It seems like everywhere I look these days someone I know is getting married, engaged or starting a new relationship. Even the YouTube streams are busting at the seams with love. A new marriage proposal video uploaded over the weekend is currently spreading like wildfire through the YouTube community.

The video, ‘Proposal Video’, is of a filmmaker and circus school graduate proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of Madison Square Park. He has a huge production number planned, including a dance choreographed to “their song”, a unicyclist and a horse drawn carriage ride after she says “yes.” This is truly one of the most extravagant proposals of all time. Uploaded by YouTube user merrillgrant, a passerby that was lucky enough to catch the proposal on tape, the video has been viewed just over 87,000 times so far within two days.

Whether or not people are watching this because they are romantics dreaming up their own perfect proposals or cynics betting on how long this marriage will last, there’s no question that this video is on it’s way up. And this is not the only proposal video to go viral in recent weeks. Just two weeks ago a video of the Centenary College valedictorian proposing to her boyfriend in her graduation speech was uploaded and has had over 189,000 views. A similar graduation proposal video from Saint Michael’s College has received just over 11,000 views. A proposal in Washington Square Park uploaded about two week ago also broke 100,000 views.

What do you think about the sudden influx of proposal videos going viral? Is love in the air in your neck of the woods, or just on the YouTube streams?