Vine Turns Twitter Into Tumblr On Speed (Watch Out, Tumblr)

So it looks like yesterday’s video post by Twitter’s CEO was no mistake. They sure know how to get the Internets buzzing at Twitter, hmm?

And today we have a snazzy new feature to play with, six-second videos. Third-party video developers would do well to find a new home – and the folks at Tumblr better pick up the pace too, because Twitter is coming for you next.

It wasn’t a surprise that Twitter announced Vine’s launch today. What is a surprise (after you sit and think about it for a few minutes) is how similar these six-second videos are to GIFs, which are (of late) the stuff that Tumblr is made of.

Vine “lets you capture and share short looping videos,” so they’re actually better than GIFs. They have sound. And “like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity.” And inspires folks to not waste time bothering with creating GIFs for Tumblr to then share on Twitter. 

“Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create,” Twitter says in its blog post. But if you read between the lines, it also says “and we look forward to swooping down on Tumblr and crushing its soul.” No? You don’t get that?

Twitter owns Posterous, another (formerly) very popular, niche blogging platform. And although it has been largely ignored by Twitter since its acquisition, there have been two fairly recent developments: They put up a post detailing how to export your content and they recently stopped allowing new people to register.

Sounds like it’s shutting Posterous down, hmm? That or reinventing it to seamlessly integrate with Twitter in some bold new way that will decimate Tumblr. But it’s probably nothing. And the six-second GIF-like videos are likely a coincidence too.

But if you were Tumblr, would you bet the company on it?

If you’re from Tumblr, watch this Vine of my dogs. It will calm you. 



Do you think Tumblr should worry? 

(Bird of prey image from Shutterstock)

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