Videogames and Social Networks Next On Bob Iger’s Disney Wish List

MouseEars_1.5.pngFortune’s Richard Siklos chats up Bob Iger who is coming up on four years as Walt Disney CEO. “Under Iger,” Siklos writes, “Disney has become the world’s largest media conglomerate by market value, worth around $40 billion.” For Iger, it’s not so much how Disney content is consumed (Movie Theaters, TV, Web, iPod) but the brands themselves: whether it’s the Jonas Brothers, Pirates of the Caribbean or Cars.

Iger is credited with making the Pixar acquisition a success for Disney shareholders. But Iger says the initial reaction to the deal was “stunned silence.” Siklos writes, “Iger isn’t done buying.”

He says he hopes to use Disney’s position of relative strength and a reasonably clean balance sheet to make further acquisitions along the nontraditional lines of videogame publishers and Club Penguin, the kids’ social network it purchased last year. (Electronic Arts (ERTS) and Discovery Communications (DISCA) are often mentioned as potential fits for Disney – not that Iger is telling.)