Urban Airship Announces Support for iOS 8’s Interactive Push Notifications

urban-airship-650Mobile relationship management company Urban Airship has released an in-depth look at how it will capitalize on iOS 8’s new interactive push notifications, which will allow users to respond to prompts and messages without unlocking their phones or heading to apps manually. The company aims to be the first-to-market with this new format, which it says can help companies engage with their audiences “at a deeper level.”

Using interactive push notifications, a retailer (as an example), could push a notice to a user’s device, thanking them for downloading their app. This could be joined by a coupon code and /or a limited time offer. When swiping on the notification, users would have the option to “Decline” the message, or press a button saying “Yes” or “Accept” (etc.) to jump into the app and start shopping.

Marketers have access to a variety of mix-and-match buttons, depending on their app or campaign’s needs. For instance, an airline could use buttons like “Download” and “Remind Me Later” when prompting a user to add their boarding pass to their digital wallet. A music app could offer users music recommendations based on their tastes, alongside “Start Now” or “Not Now” buttons. A shopping app could ask a user if they’d like to receive future messages in an ongoing campaign, with buttons for “Opt-in” or “Opt-out,” and so on. In this particular example, choosing opt-in for a campaign could trigger automated future notifications to those consumers.interactive push notificationAfter implementing these buttons in their campaigns, marketers can create targeted user groups with specific interests, based on consumer actions with accepting or rejecting the notifications. Going forward, that data can be used to create future retargeting campaigns with, in theory, higher success rates.

Any individual button can be used to open any page within an app or mobile website, and tracking can be fine-tuned to a fairly specific level. That is, rather than just separating users by whether they hit the positive or negative prompt on a notification, data can be isolated for users that accepted an offer, but then never made a purchase (for instance), or for those who simply never responded at all.

“Interactive notifications take push messaging from informative and hopefully targeted alerts, to the primary way users can choose-their-own-adventure with mobile experiences that adapt to their needs,” said Brent Hieggelke, CMO of Urban Airship. “These messaging-originated user interactions will soon be more important than organic use of static app content, telling businesses what customers want more or less of within their immediate context and moment of need.”

Urban Airship has also announced support for message center-style widgets in the Today View of the iOS 8 Notification Center. The company also offers support for “rich notifications” in Android 4.3 and Amazon Fire OS. More information is available on the company’s website.

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