U.K. PR Firms Missing Out on New Media, According to Survey


According to another study from our neighbors across the pond, PR firms in the U.K. don’t get new media. A smaller survey from a few weeks ago found more than half of PR people see print media as more valuable than online.

A new survey released today by interactive marketing shop bigmouthmedia, “79% of the industry’s major players have yet to develop a set of online and social media services”. Further, 89% of agencies still don’t have their own blog.

We’d love to compare to numbers in the U.S. Our contrarian guess would be the numbers are about the same. Perception of the industry–especially in the age of the echochamber–is that everyone is blogging and engaged in new media. With something like 240,000 workers in this country identifying themselves as practicing PR, the percentages of firms engaged in social media could be even less.

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[Image of the wonderful cast of Little Britain via Illiterarty; the show has no relation to the survey or bigmouthmedia. No offense to the PR industry there.]