Twitter Wants to be More Useful

In what could be a glimpse of what the future holds for Twitter, the top microblogging site has launched Twitter Election 2008 or simply TE08. As if there were not enough users taking full advantage of its site, Twitter is leveraging on the Election 2008 to attract more users, and perhaps give us a glimpse of what and how Twitter can be used aside from microblogging.

TE08 would aggregate reactions, opinions and ideas of Twitter users wanting to express and share their thoughts on anything and everything about the 2008 US Elections. In 140 characters, you could just imagine the volume of thoughts, ideas and knowledge sharing it would bring to us Twitter lovers and users.

TE08 would do a real-time algorithmic analysis of the vast amount of public reactions and displays this on a special Twitter Election site, which would serve as a Public Timeline.

Aside from the political and election related topics that the Twitter Election timeline would display, Twitter 08 site visitors are also encouraged to share other information relating to other socially relevant happenings, events and issues. This could be as pressing as an earthquale emergence, film festivals, product launch and more.

Twitter E08 is a feature-rich Twitter service with the following features:

  • Hot Election Topics are determined by a variety of search queries
  • The topics at the top of the page are updated every 15 minutes
  • Clicking at topic filters the content based on that particular word or phrase
  • Obama and McCain’s Twitter accounts are updated whenever they update
  • People can participate in the box under “What do you think?”
  • The main timeline is a live ticker – new updates appear every second or so
  • Clicking the sidebar tabs filters the main timeline by candidate name
  • We’ll be featuring notable Twitter accounts in the sidebar
  • Updates made at Twitter E08 will link back to

To view this Twitter Election 2008 public timeline, you don’t need to be a Twitter member. You can read these updates even without a Twitter account. But you won’t be able to participate though. And you’re missing the point of the TE02 site.

This service would definitely attract more readers and users as well. Hopefully, Twitter has prepared for the possible influx of site bandwith and traffic and would remain up even during peak times. Otherwise, it would just be a frustrating experience for all of us.