Twitter Plans To Bring Promoted Tweets To All Users’ Home Timelines Soon

It’s been over a year since Twitter rolled out its first group of advertising solutions – Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts. And now, sources close to the company say they are planning on expanding their current offerings and possibly introducing new ones in an attempt to bring in more revenue. So if you’re one of those lucky few who haven’t seen a Promoted Tweet yet, your luck’s about to run out.

The Financial Times reports that several sources indicate that Twitter is ready to expand its advertising solutions.

Apparently, the company is considering putting more emphasis on Promoted Tweets to start with. As it stands, Promoted Tweets appear whenever a user clicks on a Promoted Trend or searches for a term associated with a Promoted Tweet. They also appear from time to time at the top of users’ timelines when accessing Twitter through certain dashboards like HootSuite. Now, it sounds like Twitter wants to increase the frequency that they appear, and make them more visible for people using, possibly by inserting them more directly into users’ main home timelines.

The Financial Times also reports that Twitter is mulling over the idea of starting a Groupon-like service that would offer daily deals to Twitter users. They experimented with @earlybird deals last summer, offering a deal a day like free movie tickets to people following that account, but have since shut it down. No word yet on whether the proposed Groupon-like service would be similar to @earlybird or something else completely.

Other rumors to come out of reporting from the Financial Times suggest that Twitter is more seriously considering making brand pages, similar to Facebook pages, an idea which surfaced back in April, but again, nothing came of it then.

While there was nothing specific in the Financial Times article, the fact that these ideas are being floated around means that Twitter is likely going to get serious about advertising very soon. So if you’ve been able to avoid ads on Twitter thus far, consider yourself warned.

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