Twitter Justice For Anti-Semitic Bullies – Or Going Too Far?

Did you hear about Jon Lovitz taking anti-Semitic high school bullies to task on Twitter? His friend’s daughter was bullied by three classmates, ending with them leaving feces on her doorstep and the word “Jew” with swastikas scrawled on her walkway in maple syrup. Disturbing, definitely. But you might find Jon’s revenge disturbing too.

How would you feel if your child was being bullied? As we know, bullying is a real epidemic these days with record numbers of youngsters committing suicide because they can’t take the constant, and primarily hidden, torture. It’s a true silent killer.

But what if it wasn’t silent at all? What if it was so blatantly obvious that it was plastered on your walkway? What if the bullies were so brazen that they not only bullied your child and admitted to it, but also perpetuated a hate crime against your whole family, your whole heritage, in the process? And what if one of the bullies parents drove them to your house to do this? Would you be afraid for your child’s safety? Considering the whole thing smacks of mental instability, I’ll hazard you’d respond with an emphatic yes to that one.

So here’s what happened. Jon shared a pic of his friend’s walkway:


And then decided that some Twitter justice was in order and posted this:



The girls have since been expelled from the school and the mom who drove them faces criminal charges, but the battle over what he did (posting the girls’ picture on Twitter) rages on. Although the photo doesn’t clearly show the girls’ faces, one is highlighted in the corner. They’re 14.

Sentiment against Jon has been far outweighed by the support, but this summarizes how his detractors feel:


What do you think? Did Jon do the right thing?

(Adult punishing child photo from Shutterstock)

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