Twitter Drops Bomb on JustSpotted

Everything seemed to be falling in line for JustSpotted: The site, which promised to share celebrity sightings in real-time, was gearing up for its launch next Tuesday, touting its relationship with Twitter, and basking in the glow of being profiled by The Hollywood Reporter. But then, as reported by CNET, Twitter threw a wrench in the plans for JustSpotted, terminating the site’s license for the social network’s firehose data feed.

JustSpotted CEO AJ Asver told THR:

We’ve been working very closely with Twitter for two years. We’re one of a handful of companies that has that sort of relationship with them.

However, a Twitter spokesman said in an email to CNET:

JustSpotted, then known as Scoopler, had previously licensed Twitter’s “firehose” data feed of all public Tweets for its real-time search engine, is not the product we licensed, and we have terminated their agreement.

Asver then wrote to CNET:

The relationship we had with Twitter was for our real-time search product. JustSpotted continues to aggregate updates from lots of sources, including Twitter, where we have always been using their publicly available APIs.

So, what do you think will be spotted on JustSpotted when it launches Tuesday?