Want To Have Conversations On Twitter? Reserve A Nest!

Twitter has this silly problem – conversations don’t really happen there.

Sure, you can START a conversation and then move it to direct message or email, but having a threaded conversation extend beyond a specific moment in time is pretty difficult . . . unless you have a nest.

Nestivity offers Twitter users a way to organize and encourage Twitter conversations. It’s a “social community platform” that acts much like a Facebook fanpage – on Twitter! [Insert childlike squeal here.]

Nestivity makes it easy for brands to organize incoming tweets into categories, transform the most useful tweets into discussions, and amplify those discussions.

Why is this a “must have” for any brand or business?

People that have a problem or product suggestion, or that simply want to share an experience will see a faster response, either from a community manager or another community member.  Those who join the brand’s community nest can follow the conversations that interest them most and chime in freely, without the SPAM or distractions inherent in the Twittersphere.   They can also find answers to the questions that have already been discussed, 24/7.

If you’re an avid Twitter user and this DOESN’T excite you, I apologize for not explaining it clearly. Now get excited.

How much does it cost? Depends on what you need, ma’am. It will be following a Freemium model (like ADN, but announcing it up front), so using it initially is free . . . as long as you reserve a nest with a quickness, that is. A Beta round can only have so many “testers,” I hear.

Who else is using it? @Mediabistro for one, an online community sharing jobs, courses, news, resources and many, many fantastic blogs (including All Twitter). Yep, it’s our Mom blog.

And if THEY’RE going to snag a nest and WE’RE going to snag a nest (well, I am, using my @MaryCLong Twitter) you can be pretty sure it’s going to be pretty twerrific and you won’t want to miss it.

Oh and Scoble seems to like it too, if that matters to you (we know it does). Check out his video with Nestivity founder Henry Min as they answer pretty much every question you could possibly have about the platform. And it also gives you a sneak peek!

And then sign up for Beta to “reserve your nest!

(Nest image from Shutterstock)