Twitter Confirms that it is Blocked in Egypt

In an effort to stem anti-government protests, Egyptian authorities have blocked access to Twitter from within the country. Twitter officially acknowledged that both and its mobile applications were blocked last night.

Egypt has been a country in turmoil since Tuesday, when tens of thousands of protesters converged in Cairo to demonstrate against the returning president, Hosni Mubarak. Mobarak has been the ruler of Egypt for 30 years, using authoritarian means to retain his power.

As the results of the last election – which was likely rigged – showed a 90% landslide victory for Mobarak’s party, Egyptian citizens became frustrated. They took to the streets, but not before taking to their cellphones. Using social media, and Twitter especially, they began organizing large-scale protests.

However, the Egyptian government blocked all access to Twitter on Tuesday, in an effort to prevent its citizens from mobilizing.

Here is the official word from Twitter:

While most Egyptians are without access to Twitter to organize themselves, many outside of the country are still using hashtags like #Egypt, #egyrevolt and #Jan25 to keep the dialog running.