Did We Just Witness The First Twitter Commercial?

A smart car company in Argentina claims to have created the very first Twitter-based commercial.

Using ASCII characters and Twitter’s own 140-character restriction, Smart Argentina (@SmartArg) has produced a fun and quirky “commercial” purely in tweet form.

You can watch this commercial yourself by visiting @SmartArg and keying through their tweets using the “J” button to go forward and the “K” button to go backwards. Or, take a look at the video of the commercial embedded below:

The commercial is sort of a digital flip-book, with each tweet recreating a “page” from the book. A little smart car travels through city-scapes and the countryside, eventually pulling into a tight parking space between two large vehicles – showing off the tiny smart car’s maneuverability.

The account itself tweets in Spanish, but they’ve managed to break the language barrier with their Twitter commercial. Anyone can understand the little story of the smart car that could, as it’s tweeted in visual form.

The flip-book style works because of Twitter’s 140-character restriction and its layout. Each tweet uses enough characters so that there are six rows of characters, laid out in grid form. The car “moves” forward with each tweet, as the account switches up the ASCII characters bit by bit.

Do you think this will spark a trend, with more companies producing their very own “Twitter commercials”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Hat tip: AdAge; TV commercial image via Shutterstock)

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