Twitter CEO Gets NBA Star To Slam Dunk By Jumping Over Son’s Head

It must be tough being a high-profile person and keeping your family out of the limelight (or the tweet light, if talking about Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo. Which we are.).

But with the perks, comes those ooh’ing and ahh’ing about them in envy.

And when you have a famous basketball player land a slam dunk after jumping over your kid’s head, what do you expect?

Costolo recently spoke at the NBA Tech Summit. It was an invitation-only event for industry leaders “to engage in a series of conversations about the future of sports, media and technology.” And the big D (that’s his basketball name, we imagine) participated in a one-on-one that focused on Twitter’s Manifest Destiny.

And after discussing such lofty things, the NBA certainly owed him one and paid out by having Terrence Ross land a crazy slam dunk by jumping over the little Costolo’s head!

The kid probably could have ducked a little lower. Looks dangerous.


The dunk was somewhat controversial, according to SB Nation, as Ross is apparently very vocal about basketball players NOT doing stunt-style slam dunks.

Oh well. We all know sports fans love Twitter and Twitter loves ’em right back, so people should probably cut the guy a break, don’t you think?

(Dunk shot image from Shutterstock)