Lolapps and Zynga Add TrialPay’s Credits Shortcut, Implement “Frictionless Credits”

TrialPay is working with Lolapps and Zynga to make the option to earn Facebook Credits through offers more obvious. Lolapps has also implemented Facebook’s new “Frictionless Credits” payment system into its game Ravenwood Fair. Both of these new payment flows should help the developers better monetize their games by increasing conversion rates.

TrialPay’s Facebook Credits Shortcut

TrialPay has also worked with Lolapps and Zynga to implement a shortcut to earning Facebook Credits. Previously, users had to go into the payment flow, click “Show more payment options”, then “Earn for free by shopping”, and then select from list of offers. Only certain savvy users would know how to navigate this flow, but many more are interested in earning Credits without paying. This meant a lot of lost revenue potential for developers, as well as Facebook thanks to the 30% tax it collects on Credits payments.

To remedy this, Trialpay created a shortcut that developers can currently integrate outside of gameplay, such as in banner ads or tabs. When clicked, users are immediately shown either the complete offer wall or a single especially relevant or valuable offer, allowing them to earn Credits for buying web service subscriptions, signing up for free accounts, sending Valentine’s day flowers, and more. The shortcut opens offer-earned Credits to mainstream casual gamers who might not have been aware of the option.

Ravenwood Fair uses a large “Earn Free Credits with Today’s Deal” banner below the game window. The ad opens to display a featured offer, and users can scroll to see other offers. CityVille uses a “Earn City Cash” tab at the top of the game window that opens the offer wall.

Early tests of the Credits shortcut have been promising, says TrialPay’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Terry Angelos. The company will soon roll out another version of the shortcut that brings offers inside the gameplay window. Developers should realize that their users might want to spend Credits, just not pay for them. If they want to convert more users, they should make earning Credits through offers a prominent option outside the standard payment flow.

Frictionless Credits Boosts Ravenwood Fair’s Monetization

Lolapps is apparently on better terms with Facebook since almost all its existing games had their viral channels blocked for six months starting in October. Facebook offers incentives for developers who exclusively use Credits, including the opportunity to beta test new products. The company has exclusively used Facebook Credits since March 2010, qualifying for the beta program of Frictionless Credits.

The system allows users to instantly spend up to a few dollars worth of Facebook’s virtual currency without an “Are you sure?” confirmation. The beta partnership gave Lolapps early access to documentation on the feature so it could implement Frictionless Credits last week — just two days after the feature was announced.

Lolapps CEO Arjun Sethi says Frictionless Credits keeps “the payment flow part of the game, and it’s less distracting for the users. We’ve seen about a 2x increase in monetization.” Even though a quick misclick could cause a purchase, Sethi says there hasn’t been anyone calling for refunds. “We thought a lot of people might do it by accident, but no one’s had any issues with it.”

Other developers have had success with Frictionless Credits as well. OMGPOP’s implementation on Draw My Thing has tripled its conversion rate. We expect Zynga to implement it shortly.

Frictionless Credits is good for business, so developers using Credits should probably implement it, and those who aren’t should factor it into their decision of whether to voluntarily switch to Facebook Credits before the July deadline.