Trey Songz Wants To Use His Kodak in the Jacuzzi

From left to right: Pitbull, Trey Songz, and Drake. Photo: Tonya Garcia

Last night, R&B artist Trey Songz and rappers Drake and Pitbull took the stage at New York City’s Best Buy Theater as part of the official launch of Kodak’s “So Kodak” campaign.

“Make some noise for Kodak,” said Trey Songz at one point during his performance. He then went on to suggest that he would like to use a Kodak camera under water in a jacuzzi with a lucky young lady. Ooh la la.

The company is working with its PR firm of 10 years, Ketchum, to build awareness about the “So Kodak” campaign, which is currently featured on the Kodak homepage. The effort also includes upcoming radio promotions and partnerships in 10 markets such as Los Angeles and Atlanta; a site with links to other social media sites, video, and other content; and media outreach. The campaign’s spokespeople (singer Rihanna is also involved) will serve as brand ambassadors and will be featured in national ads.

Leslie Dance, VP of brand marketing communications for Kodak, says the campaign got 1.5 million Twitter impressions within hours of launching on October 4. She added that the effort so far “is the starting point, not the ending point” and hopes to extend the campaign through the Grammy awards next year.

The Easyshare digital cameras highlighted in the campaign focus on easy sharing of photos through social media and target a younger consumer.

“We’re thinking of a younger, more urban, hip audience,” says Dance. “We’ve always been about women and we’re still about women. But we have different categories that we participate in with our products.”

Those who attended the concert last night – fans (women outnumbered the men in the crowd along the front of the stage), media, and assorted others – also watched video starring the spokespeople that aired on stage before and after the performances, to the mild displeasure of some in the audience, which waited a couple of hours for the show to start. In each video, the spokespeople talked about how much they enjoy using the new cameras.

Dance emphasized that this is a “true partnership” with the spokes-artists, who had input in the commercials.

“[The artists] wanted to be true to themselves and the wanted to be authentic,” she said.

Drake, after one of his songs, told the audience that some people “told him to be easy on the swearing” during his performance. But still he asked, “How the f@$% are you?”

One of the videos that aired during the concert, featuring the rapper Drake. Photo: Tonya Garcia
Trey Songz