Travian Games Releases Epic Arena on iOS, Android

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Travian Games has announced the release of its Epic Arena on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Shadow Masters, the game was previously released on Facebook, and combines elements from card and board games into both a single player and an asynchronous multiplayer experience.

In each game of Epic Arena, players have the goal of destroying the opponent’s Team Artifact, which is placed somewhere on a hexagonal game board. The turn-based game sees users deploying their troops, like archers, dragons, monks and alchemists, and attacking their enemy’s troops before eventually going after their artifact.

Players can play cards from their hand, or complete actions on the board, and have multiple available action points on each turn. These action points can be spent on deploying or moving troops, attacking other units, healing allies and so on. If a hero falls in battle, it’s possible to revive them, but enemy units can also be revived under certain circumstances. Each game continues until the artifact is eventually destroyed, even if some troops on the team remain, or until the enemy runs out of available troops to defend itself.

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Players can work to improve their skills in the game’s single-player missions, or can compete against others in worldwide online matches. New to the mobile game is Blitz Mode, a multiplayer battle mode giving players 10 minutes to finish a match.

“We’re very excited about Epic Arena coming to mobile. Gamers will no longer have to take their laptops on coffee runs just to continue their matches,” said Zin Chiang, game director at Travian Games. “Now they can log onto their smartphone and [battle someone] no matter where they’re at. One thing Epic Arena on mobile will teach players – sometimes it’s better to take the fight outside.”

Epic Arena is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play. The game is supported via microtransactions, as users can spend real money on new card decks, avatar packs and other in-app purchases.