10 Tourist Cities Where Twitter Is Your Best Travel Guide

Check out the top 10 cities where just a few 140 character messages on your feed can go a long way to boost your enjoyment.

Twitter is a global phenomenon. And many of the people who use Twitter have mobile apps that give them easy access to the site any time, anywhere. Put these two facts together, and it’s easy to see why Twitter can be such a useful travel guide. Here are the top 10 cities where just a few 140 character messages on your feed can go a long way to boost your enjoyment.

1. London. London is not only a huge city with lots of different neighborhoods, but also an incredibly international and diverse city with a wealth of events that cater to all audiences. Whether you’re interested in theater, literature, economics, music, or history, Twitter will help you keep track of the sheer number of events in this megacity. Follow @Londonist for a great combination of news, features, and events info to keep you up to date.

2. San Francisco. The Bay Area is techie homeland, so of course it makes sense that many avid Twitterers are available to give you inside information about the city. Check out Only in SF (@onlyinsf) for a great tips you wouldn’t get from your average cable car tourguide, like the Treasure Island Music Festival they advertised last week.

3. Toronto. Who doesn’t want to escape and hang out with some friendly Canadians for a weekend? Toronto is a vibrant city, but the cold weather often makes people hunker down inside — Twitter, then, is especially important for giving you quick event updates to motivate you to get outside and brave the weather. Also, if you’re interested in the famous Toronto Film Festival, @TOfilmfest does a great job of tweeting often and including interesting tidbits about the city.

4. Rio de Janeiro. Particularly if you understand Portuguese, Brazil’s love for Twitter comes out in the country’s enthusiastic tweets. Soccer lovers will also get a genuine taste of Brazilian fandom on Twitter, and there’s no better way to break down the tourist barrier than by getting into the spirit of a place.

5. Austin. Austin is home to a dynamic music scene and a vibrant audience of students and young artists. Accounts like @musicaustin will give you great, last-minute information about concert tickets and gigs.

6. Miami. If you’re heading to Miami for the party scene, you won’t want to be left off the guest list. With the right sunglasses and the right Twitter feeds, you can make the most of a whirlwind night, weekend, or week in Miami. @CityandShore, for example, just gave followers an exciting bit of news — the chance to party with LeBron James.

7. Honolulu. You might just be headed to Honolulu to check out Waikiki Beach or the killer waves at Pipeline, but it might make your visit to the Pacific paradise worth more if you take a minute to check out local news. Twitter is an easy, effective way to get behind the scenes in a city — look beyond the pretty beach and learn about something like the Japanese American Memorial Foundation’s activity with @HawaiiNewsNow.

8. Los Angeles. Forget shopping and sightseeing — you’re in L.A. for the celebrity spotting! Tweets are a mainstay in the celebritology world, and you will get an idea of the best street corners to hit up by following people like @TMZ and @PerezHilton.

9. Sydney. For many travelers, Australia is a long plane ride and several time zones away. You might only get the chance to go there once, so Twitter comes in handy for making the most of what Sydney has to offer in one trip. @sydney_sider is especially useful for information on festivals and arts events.

10. New York. And finally…the Big Apple. New York is big, bright, and fabulous — particularly when you take advantage of the million and a half events that happen every day and night in the city. Since Twitter also has a huge New York population, it’s worth sitting down and finding the users who tweet about your interests specifically — whether they be Broadway or food tours.