Top 10 Reasons You've Had Too Much Facebook

There has been a significant amount of buzz over the past few days about the concept of a “Facebook Fast.” I have heard about people fasting from social networking for Lent and other spiritual holidays and it doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea. I obviously spend way too much time communicating on Facebook and now have an inbox that is overloaded with messages. Occasionally you can find yourself sucked into a game and suddenly waste an hour or too coming up with the most word in a game of Noggin.

As someone who’s job it is to be online practically all the time, I’m thinking that not just a Facebook fast but a computer fast would be a good idea. While social networking can help you expand your personal network, too much of it can become counter-productive. Just for fun, I’ve come up with the top 10 list of reasons you’ve had too much Facebook:

  1. Adding friends has suddenly become a game for you and you are constantly competing with your friends and family members to have the most contacts on Facebook.
  2. You always have an instance of Facebook running in one of your browser windows in the background. Bonus points if you have more than 5 instances because you are playing a game and browsing through your ex-girlfriend’s profile at the same time.
  3. If printed on paper, your application requests could easily wrap around the earth one time.
  4. Facebook messaging has become one of your primary tools for communication. If you have so many messages in your inbox that you can’t read them all then you definitely need a break.
  5. You are involved in more than 5 poke wars.
  6. You’ve added so many games that you don’t even know which ones are your favorites anymore.
  7. You are actively engaged in 10 or more Scrabulous games.
  8. Petting your friends’ (fluff)Friends has become a source of flirting for you.
  9. You find out through your newsfeed that you weren’t invited to an event and decide to hold a grudge against your friends for not inviting you.
  10. Your name is Bill Gates and you are forced to quit because you have way too many friend requests to handle.

Have any other Facebook addiction symptoms? Is it time for you to take a break from Facebook?