Tools Round Up: Google+ for Businesses; a Secret Facebook App; and More

Google+ will unveil new tricked out features and analytics for businesses sometime around the third quarter of this year. No details yet about what those bells and whistles will be, but VentureBeat warns that if businesses decide to jump the gun with a consumer profile, they won’t be able to migrate their info to the business version. (Google+ is also dealing with a hubbub over accounts that were suspended in order to keep fake profiles at bay. Mashable has more.)

TechCrunch had revealed Facebook’s secret iPad app, but then Facebook shut down access. TechCrunch still has pictures.

Deutsche Post DHL, the mail company, has launched a Social Memories app that organizes and documents your Facebook data into a digital e-book or 28-page hardcover book complete with images and infographics. The offering has been around since May and 70,000 have already been created.

Now interested candidates can apply for a job with a click where they see the “Apply with LinkedIn” button. Netflix and LivingSocial are among the first to feature the button. [via MediaJobsDaily]

Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry, have announced 2,000 layoffs. Still, AllThingsD notes, this doesn’t address the issues of innovation and insight into the consumer market that the company is struggling with. The company issued a press release with further details about management changes and other plans to improve business.