Three Tips On Connecting Your Pitch To A Holiday Trend

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The following is a guest post from Kevin Dugan, director of marketing for Empower MediaMarketing and co-founder of the Bad Pitch Blog, where this post originally ran. Follow Dugan on Twitter: @prblog.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” …for bad pitches. Our email boxes have been stuffed with a few politically correct holiday cards and a metric ton of bad pitches desperately trying to tie-in to the KwanzmasHann season (yeah, I skipped Festivus, save it for the airing of the grievances).

Seriously though, lawn chairs in December? OK, nothing that blatantly off season. But there’s a good way and a bad way to tie your client to the most over commercialized season with the slowest news cycle known to modern civilization. Here are three tips:

1) Christmas in July: Retailers figure out what they’re doing for the holidays six months in advance. The earlier the planning process, the better your odds in finding the best, most original and on-brand tie-in. Pick something you can own.

2) Be Inspired, But NEVER Copy: There are more holiday campaigns than consumers it seems. But which ones really stand out? Why do they stand out? There are core elements that make a story, or even an annual gimmick, resonate with a crowd. Consider this as inspiration. Just don’t try to Elf Yourself or Talk to the Moose. It’s been done.

3) Don’t Force It: If your tie-in doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. This may be a sign you should focus on a different holiday where you can do something that has a bigger impact for less effort.

There may or may not be an opportunity during the holidays for your client to shine like the North Star on Christmas Eve. The key is directing their efforts to a spot on the calendar that makes more sense.