The Times-Tribune of Scranton to Erect Paywall Jan. 18

Add The Times-Tribune of Scranton, Pa., to the list of newspapers implementing paywalls, as it announced that starting Tuesday, Jan. 18, users would be able to read 10 stories over a 30-day period, after which they will be asked to subscribe.

Print subscribers must pay $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year, while nonsubscribers will be charged $6.99 per month. The home page, obituaries, blogs, and classified ads will remain free-of-charge.

The Times-Tribune publisher Scott Lynett said:

After years of giving it away on the Web, we’re going to begin charging a very nominal price for the news, which costs us millions of dollars every year to produce. For pennies a day, Web readers will be able to access the most complete news report in northeast Pennsylvania, with all the investigative energy and in-depth coverage that no one else provides. Web readers can still get the gist of the news with free access to our home page, obituaries, classified ads, and blogs, as well as any 10 articles per month they choose to read.

No other news outlet in northeast Pennsylvania has the breadth or depth of The Times-Tribune. We have invested in the largest news staff in the region and the only news bureau in Harrisburg serving northeast Pennsylvania. Our efforts paid off for readers last year with 42 national and state awards, including prizes for investigations into local corruption and in-depth coverage of the Marcellus Shale gas drilling.

Times-Shamrock Interactive general manager Kathy Schwartz added:

The Times-Tribune and the newspaper industry in general have seen an unprecedented change in how people read and interact with our news. We have kept pace with the changes and will continue to provide innovative news coverage online. Unfortunately, advertising revenues have not kept pace with the change and, so, like other media companies, we are diversifying our revenue streams to ensure that innovation continues.