The Nature Conservancy’s Integrated Communications


All this talk about green, green, green. In his latest PR Week story, Hamilton Nolan takes a look at two companies who are walking the walk: The Nature Conservancy and Environmental Defense.

PRNewser particularly took note of this statement from the Nature Conservancy’s Terry Richey on why they integrate, “everything from a self-published magazine and extensive Web site to direct mail and program-focused marketing materials.”

…because we believe that all of that work ought to be integrated from a message point of view.

Amen, brother.

And, they’re developing compelling online content:

“We just launched a carbon calculator on our Web site, and I believe we’ve had about 75,000 [uses of it],” he says. “We’re seeing that uptick tremendously on our Web site.”

The carbon calculator fits the bill for our two question survey for social media/online content: 1) is it useful, or 2) is it entertaining? You must have one or the other to have success.