The Fix Comes to CNN’s Morning Show

AMFix_3.16.jpgCNN’s American Morning (6am-9amET) has made some changes to its presence on They’ve launched a new blog called amFIX, which replaces the old show page. The blog will be integrated with the TV program allowing viewers to comment on the stories they’ve seen on-air.

American Morning’s correspondents will contribute original online news stories in the form of blog posts with accompanying embedded video. Contributors include anchors Kiran Chetry and John Roberts, and correspondents Jim Acosta, Jason Carroll, Alina Cho, Carol Costello, Lola Ogunnaike and Christine Romans.

And, The Fix is becoming a popular term. Last week we wrote about’s new web series called “The Fix,” and the popular Twitter following of Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza.

American Morning has set up a Twitter page too, called AMFix.