The Day After: The Online Experience Assessment

If you tried watching the inauguration on the Web yesterday, you may have had the same experience as us: Start – stop – start – stop, refresh – Audi commerical – start – stop.

The NYTimes explains limited bandwidth from the media Websites is just one of the issues:

The viewing troubles may have been more a result of the limited Internet capacity coming to offices and houses, rather than a lack of overall bandwidth from the media companies, according to Bill Woodcock, the research director at the Packet Clearing House, a nonprofit organization that analyzes online traffic. The United States continues to suffer from less-than-robust bandwidth, which Mr. Woodcock attributes to inadequate government attention and limited competition between Internet service providers like AT&T and Comcast.

As for how newspaper Websites performed yesterday, Akamai reports media companies including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal fed up to seven million video streams at one time. As we reported yesterday, at its peak (just before the swearing-in) Live fed 1.3 million streams concurrently.