The Collision of Social and Professional Worlds

Last night I was reading Megan Berry’s article about how her social and professional lives are beginning to overlap. There has been a sudden influx of Facebook users that are not 20-somethings that are there for business networking. While I openly accept this new reality, I also sympathize with Megan’s situation in which she is having to think about what she writes and what pictures she posts since some of her co-workers may end up seeing the more personal side of her life. Her suggestions (as I have suggested previously as well) is to allow Facebook users to differentiate between social contacts and professional contacts and separate your profile based on that. I fully support this motion but I doubt Facebook will do this anytime soon. If they did, it would officially be the end of LinkedIn. There is also another slightly uncomfortable aspect of this new influx of users that Megan touches on in her article. As the older crowd meshes with the younger crowd, new definitions of social interaction are rapidly being defined. I personally greet most people with open arms (except for those that are either too young to have anything in common or have certain tendencies that suggest they may be crazy). I know many other people are hesitant to build these new connections so freely. Social networking has just crossed generations and those that are involved are rapidly trying to define the new rules of interaction. While it can sometimes be uncomfortable, I think these are very exciting times!