Talenthouse Helps Creatives, Brands Succeed On Facebook

Imagine a world where every creative person can pay their bills and all brands are happy advertising on Facebook. Sound impossible? Talenthouse's sponsored engagement engine may make both a reality.

Imagine a world where every creative person can pay their bills and all brands are happy advertising on Facebook. Sound impossible? Talenthouse‘s sponsored engagement engine may make both a reality.

Talenthouse hosts “creative contests” on Facebook that brands sponsor to become part of the high level of social engagement that these contests generate.

Talenthouse hosted a contest that found bands to play on the Warner Music Group stage at South by Southwest. The contest resulted in 1,922 band submissions, 798,534 social engagements, and 18,944,727 “peer-to-peer impressions” — and it was all “sponsored by Nikon.”

Stop Interrupting My News Feed!

What is TV advertising’s biggest problem? People hate being interrupted by ads.

Brands have the same problem when advertising on Facebook. Talenthouse Chief Executive Officer Roman Scharf says users feel like their Facebook page is “their personal space” on the Web, and they don’t like companies making changes to it. Imagine coming home to a Subway sandwich poster in your living room — that’s how people react to finding random business-to-consumer ads in their news feeds, Roman says.

Talenthouse solves this B2C ad-interruption problem by filling users’ news feeds with content they like — or at least with content from people they like. Talenthouse content in users’ news feeds only comes from people near them in the social graph.

Example: Your photographer friend submits a photo to a creative contest. You are notified of his submission in your feed, and then vote for him via the Talenthouse application. Your friends then see that you voted for him, as well his photo, in their feeds. They can friend him, and vote for him, too.

This emotional experience of helping a friend help a friend is very different from interruption advertising. As a result, Talenthouse boasts an unheard-of share rate: 45 percent of posts through its app are shared on Facebook. And its social engagement circle just keeps getting bigger. Look at the statistics to the right.

‘Creative Influencers’ Drive This Engagement

Talenthouse develops relationships with “creative influencers” on social platforms — 1.5 million of them so far.

Influencers are people who effectively share content on Facebook with a responsive friend group.

Creatives are people who have creative ability and express themselves through art and design.

Talenthouse discovered that most effective social media influencers are also creatives. These creative influencers are the 20 percent of people who generate 80 percent of the engagement activity on Facebook. Why? Creative influencers have the best content and most active social graphs, so Facebook’s graph rank algorithm gives their posts great social distribution.

Talenthouse’s platform was created to harness this creative social engagement in a way that benefits both artists and brands.

Creative People Love It

Creative people want to do what they love: creating. Talenthouse gives them the opportunity to be creative and receive benefits from sharing their creativity with their friends.

Creative people benefit by:

  • Increased social followings
  • Awards and recognition
  • Actual money or prizes if they win the contest

Brands Sponsor It

Many major brands are already using Talenthouse’s sponsored engagement engine. I admit that it takes a pretty big brand name to benefit from a “sponsored by” credit in someone’s news feed, but a company like Nikon certainly gains from the exposure and traffic to its Facebook page.

Will Social Change Advertising?

Talenthouse is showing impressive growth and engagement numbers. Our question is whether its platform can truly scale to fill social media with great content from creative people who pay their bills with money from brand sponsorships.

The company was recently honored by Red Herring as one of the top 100 private companies in North America.

Guest writer Will McGrouther is chief executive officer of ExecutiveRecruitingLA.

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