Synthesio Launches U.S. Open Real-Time Social Media Leaderboard

Global social media monitoring leader Synthesio is once again innovatively tapping into the cultural zeitgeist with a U.S. Open real-time online leaderboard tracking the social media buzz of all the players.

It’s the best way to see if the tennis stars’ digital popularity corresponds to their success on the court.

The leaderboard ranks all the U.S. Open players, divided by gender, based on mentions across all global, English-language social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, and more.

Synthesio’s tracking started 30 days before the tournament, and will continue through the remainder of the sporting event (September 9, 2013).

The data is updated every 15 minutes and includes the number of mentions each player has received as well the sentiment of the mentions color-coded by percentage of positive (green), negative (red), and neutral (yellow).

If you want to see your favorite player move up in the ranks, tweet about them!

Check out the Synthesio U.S. Open real-time online leaderboard here.

(U.S. Open photo via Facebook / U.S. Open.)