Survey Finds Leaders Are Falling Short

The Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor finds that people around the world are disappointed with leaders across business, politics, and religious organizations.

The research, conducted across 12 countries with more than 3,750 respondents, found that 31 percent of people think leadership will get worse this year. And only 25 percent think politicians and religious leaders provide excellent leadership.

The bright spot in the research was in the area of business leadership, particularly technology business leadership. Nearly half (44 percent) said tech business leaders were effective. Next came media leaders with 39 percent and telecommunications leaders (36 percent).

According to the study, communications are key to strong leadership (84 percent). And majorities in the U.S. (57 percent) and Europe (52 percent) said it was critical to restoring confidence. Leaders can also increase their credibility by making themselves available for in-person and media interviews.

When a crisis inevitably strikes, some of the steps that good leaders should take are to lead by example, be clear and transparent, and be honest about what people can look forward to, both positive and negative.

The Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor was compiled with help from Ipsos Observer. Among the participating countries were China, Poland, Spain, the U.K., and Brazil. An online survey was conducted between December 14, 2011 and January 10, 2012. For more information and to download the report, click here.

[Image: from the Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor infographic]