Stream Nation brings media-focused cloud storage to iOS


Stream Nation has announced an update to its consumer-friendly solution to cloud-based data storage. The Stream Nation platform was built specifically for the storage of media, from home movies to photos and other videos, and its design reflects the visual nature of the service, with a focus on an intuitive user interface built around media, rather than raw data.

Stream Nation is available as both a limited free version and as a paid subscription service. Free accounts have a limit of 10 GB of storage, while $4 or $20 a month will unlock 100 GB or unlimited amounts of space, respectively.

[contextly_sidebar id=”689d266ab28e8ce1c2b7683cb274a64d”]Stream Nation says it was built to solve the problems with other existing cloud storage services, including Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud. According to Stream Nation, the designs of both aren’t intuitive and make it hard for users to access large media files while on the go. Stream Nation looks to solve that problem with “adaptive streaming technology” that recognizes the user’s device and format to present a user’s photos and videos in a beautiful way.

A new version of the iOS application was released in late July, allowing users to choose their own playback quality to suit their bandwidth availability, and have more control over their videos’ subtitles.

“Mobile devices and digital cameras allow us to create HD content in huge volumes but don’t come with a simple solution to store, access, and share them securely,” said Jonathan Benassaya, founder of Stream Nation, via a company release. “Online storage solutions focus on documents and not personal media, which actually makes up the greater part of personal storage. This is the problem we set out to solve with Stream Nation. Our cloud solution combined with a media-centric user experience ensures media remains secure and accessible in any situation. Eventually, users will be able to create their digital legacy.”

Stream Nation users have the option of sharing their stored content securely with other members on the service (like friends and family), and the program transcodes and/or resizes videos and photos to make them readily accessible on any device. The platform supports all major video codecs and photo file types, from “avi” and “mp4” to “png” and “tiff,” and allows users to access their data’s original files at any time.

The newest version of the Stream Nation app is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPad, and is also accessible via the web at