Steven Slater Lands on Larry King After Avoiding Prison

Disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant-turned folk hero Steven Slater made all the right moves following his dramatic antics following an argument with a passenger.

Slater wisely pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of attempted criminal mischief, and wisely kept any harbored commentary about his former employer to himself.  His publicist Howard Bragman–whose firm is appropriately called Fifteen Minutes–gave Larry King the exclusive sitdown on October 26th, followed by taped interviews the next morning on the Early Show, GMA, and the Today Show, according to a scoop by the Hollywood Reporter.

Bragman will play the next card shortly, not revealing anything yet about Slater’s future–assuming there’s some deal to be made, “We got through the legal challenges and now we’re focusing on what comes next.  We’re open to an interesting discussion about projects and ideas,” he told THR.  Despite playing the crazy, drunk card (he is sentenced to mental health counseling and isubstance abuse treatment in lieu of jail time), Slater seems to be a good client, dropping funny and self depricating quips at just the right moments in the news cycle.

We’re looking forward to King’s classic interview style:  “So what’s it like to slide down one of those chutes?” (paraphrase)

UPDATE:  Upon writing this post, the media reported that Slater’s apartment was robbed by his partner’s brother while he was in court.