Step Aside Family Vacations on Facebook; Move In Breaking News?!

zuckerberg funnyFor years, Facebook has been the storehouse for the personal ego. No merit of anything other than where the beautiful people spend vacation, perfect marriages of Barbie and Ken, and stupid pet tricks.

That may also be why people are just getting tired of Facebook. Until now.

According to an interesting infographic from UGM news site, Newswhip, it seems that people are sharing this thing called “the news” on Facebook more than ever. I know, right?!

From the biggest English language newspapers on Facebook so far this year, to the most-shared stories, it seems that Facebook is actually getting used for some good other than stalking the pretty girls from high schools that wouldn’t give you time of day (you know who you are).

In the infographic below, here some revealing statistics:

  • Interaction with content on Facebook rose by 23% between January and April,
  • We tracked over 1.74bn engagements with English news content in the first quarter of 2014,
  • 80 English language publishers had over 80m combined Facebook interactions on their content in May, up from 25 is August 2013,
  • Music stories were most likely to get more interactions per story than any other topic (based on April data),
  • The Mail Online was the biggest ‘newspaper’ on Facebook in the first quarter of 2014.

Quick poll: As a PR professional, do you use FB for news?