Sony To Relaunch eBook Store

Sony sent an email last night to registered users of its online eBook Store announcing a revamped storefront as well as other changes. As of Thursday, December 11, announced the email, sony.jpgThe eBook Store will be called The Reader Store, matching the name of Sony’s Reader Digital Book e-reader. The store’s new Web address will be

Sony also annouced full support of the EPUB format. All books in the store will be available as EPUB files. EPUB is the most widely supported file format for eBooks, created and maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum.

Finally, Sony will also be launching version 3.1 of its Library software. The new version of Library will support Sony’s forthcoming wireless reader, the Daily Edition, as well as the new EPUB content in the store. Library 3.1 will work on both Windows 7 and Mac OS (Snow Leopard) systems. (Sony began supporting Macs very late in the game–Library 3.0, which was released in August, was the first version to be available for Macs.) In order to facilitate the change, Sony will shut down the store for a little while on December 10 at 2pm.