Sony to Bring PSP Owners into Online Store Fold


The Sony PSP will be seeing some major updates to its networking capabilities later this year, IGN reports. Perhaps most importantly, this fall the PSP will gain direct access to the PlayStation Store, which will finally allow PSP users to download demos and other media directly to the device without having to sideload content via a PC or the PS3.

In addition, Sony will be offering PSP players some new connectivity options in the form of a new service that further ties the portable with the PS3, the report said. “This fall, select PSP titles will allow players to go through the PS3 to take their ad-hoc multiplayer modes online. When playing in this fashion, the PS3 can be used for text and chat messaging and also for matching.” So far, only one title works with the service: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, a game popular in Japan that has already sold 2.4 million units over there.