Sony Ericsson: Cell Phone Demand Slowing

Barron’s Tech Trader Daily reports that Sony Ericsson warned its first quarter mobile phone sales would be hit by slowing demand. In particular, the company warned that it is seeing slowing growth of mid-to-high end phones in Europe, not to mention component shortages for some mid-priced phones that hurt sales overall.

“The economic slowdown has impacted Sony Ericsson much harder than we anticipated and this has wider ramifications,” Nomura analyst Richard Windsor wrote yesterday according to the article. He said to expect an impact on other handset makers as well, including Samsung, LG, and to a lesser extent, Nokia.

Recently the Sony Ericsson T650i won Greenpeace’s award for the greenest cell phone being sold today. Although the company sells some high quality handsets, most of them aren’t available in the U.S.