What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About PaperShare

PaperShare is a social content network that enables businesses and marketers to distribute their product, technical and marketing materials within a targeted social environment.Companies can create profile pages and upload business and marketing materials. Individuals in the same industry can follow an organization to stay current when new content is posted.After the jump — what you need to know about PaperShare.

David Greschler, CEO/Co-Founder of PaperShare & Douglas A. Brown, CTO/Co-Founder
David Greschler, CEO/Co-Founder of PaperShare & Douglas A. Brown, CTO/Co-Founder

Marketers spend time and funds creating white papers, case studies, product videos and collateral, yet these assets are often difficult for target consumers to find.

PaperShare addresses this problem by providing a content sharing network for industry professionals who are looking for specific information and resources to make better business and technical decisions.

Companies can create profile pages and upload business and marketing materials. Individuals in the same industry can follow an organization to stay current when new content is posted.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

PaperShare is designed to cut through the noise of traditional search engines and social networks with a topic search layout that matches professionals with relevant content.

A variety of built-in social mechanisms, such as groups, direct links to LinkedIn and Twitter, and the ability to see who has read or shared a document, give social context to the content on PaperShare. As a result, PaperShare creates a content distribution engine for companies and allows consumers to search, discuss and share business materials in a focused environment.

Coolest feature

PaperShare can provide a “one-stop-shop” where people and companies can find content, individuals and companies in an industry.

Feature rundown

  • Profile pages to develop a network of targeted, relevant industry contacts, as well as public and private groups for business discussions
  • Content marketing channel to reach IT buyers and influencers
  • Built-in social mechanisms contextualize technical and business information that can prompt others to access content on PaperShare
  • Categorization by industry topics helps users narrow their search for pertinent information and connect with like-minded people
  • Central distribution and updatig of content and its social context across the Internet
  • Automatic email notifications

User profile

PaperShare is designed for business and technical professionals, as well as companies looking to share their product materials and information with people in their same industries.

User review

“PaperShare fills a much needed online gap in the ability to search for highly-targeted technical content for specific vertical markets. I use PaperShare to get the latest authoritative content from vendors and tech leaders in the cloud and desktop virtualization industries.” — Simon Crosby, CTO of Bromium

Recent news

PaperShare is now available to cloud and virtualization industry professionals and companies, with support for additional topics including security, data and storage, as well as vertical industries, such as finance and healthcare, projected to be available in the first half of 2012. More than 27,000 items have been posted and shared on the network to date.


PaperShare offers a free basic version of its service for individuals and will soon roll out a premium version for $10 per month or $100 per year. Companies interested in subscriptions should contact PaperShare for pricing.

Compared to the competition

According to the company, “PaperShare is the first social content network dedicated to the collaboration and sharing of business materials and technical information. It creates a unique industry-focused social environment where individuals and companies can easily distribute and discuss materials with a targeted audience, leading to better business decisions and more qualified leads for companies.”


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